Focal length

Lately I have been noticing that the photographs I am making of Cohen have been from a different distance than before. There is a little more space between him and I. Each step away from me is a step closer to Cohen’s independence. There is a constant look of wonder in his eye as he climbs through this new world of his. It seems like he’s lost in this mad fog of new sounds and colors and loving every minute of it.

The photographs that I am making are still in nature, but when put together they are slow moving cogs in the documentation of Cohen’s existence. Each frame a different moment that speaks of the present, nods at the past and winks at the future. There will come a time when these pictures will be all we have of this time in Cohen’s life. These pixels, saturated with the memories of his childhood, will be the first entries in the most important timeline that I will ever be a part of.