A 2001 truck accident put Denny Griggs in a coma, crushed his pancreas and eventually cost him both of his legs. It would have been easy to give up. But with the help of PhysZou, a free clinic run by MU physical therapy students, Griggs daily pushes past what lies behind and keeps walking. With most insurance policies, physical therapists are not able to take people to the end of their abilities. They can only take them as far as as insurance will cover. By opening their free clinic to uninsured or underinsured patients, PhysZou is unlocking their full potential.

In Boone County, 8.6 percent of residents lack health insurance to cover physical therapy costs. Still more can't afford their copays. To help PhysZou meet this need and train future physical therapists, visit: bit.ly/physzou

Cinematography: Nicholas Benner, Kevin Mathein Interviews: Erik Potter
Graphics: Rebecca Fels
Special thanks to: Denny Griggs, Karen Worley and Rich Oliver
film by: Nicholas Benner