This year I ran over 650 miles. That’s roughly 81 hours and 15 minutes of running. Having spent all those lonely, introspective hours on the pavement, you might think I had time to reflect on what this year has meant to me. Well, I didn’t.  My mind was just doing its god damn best to keep one foot moving in front of the other. So, like this time every year, I turn to my camera to remind me of the important things that happened in my life these past 12 months. And like everything else – music, books, movies, beers – I whittled it all down to one list of ten things. Because if you have more than ten, your just bragging.

Two things stick out as being important to me in 2011 as I look at the ten images below – running and friendship. (And if your worried that Cohen didn't make the list, don't, he got a whole list to himself, here)

I ran a marathon in Texas, in the rain (again). I ran a 43.5 mile relay, in which I ran 10 miles and drank 11 beers and took one shot (try and beat that. I dare ya.) And I ran the hardest run of my life. The 12.5 mile Jumbo Burger Challenge, where I really think I may have almost died.


Two very good friends, and very inspirational people in my life were married this year. One in Barcelona, where I drank a glass of absinthe (ok, maybe three) in an old Picasso hang out AND saw my missing cat, Mike, who now lives with a homeless person on the streets of Barcelona. The second was in San Diego, where I was able to witness my wife dip her toes in an Ocean for the first time.

And last, but not least, I met one of my heros this year. Timothy "Speed" Levitch, who said "We are the living whispered warning in the roman general's ear........glory is fleeting, and there, in the fleeting moment of glory, we all reside.

See ya next year!