B.J. troubles

I was getting worried that this story wasn't, well, a story. Yes B.J. graduated from an inner-city school in Saint Louis. Yes the graduation rate in Saint Louis County is 50%. Yes the county school district lost its accreditation. But, B.J. had the support network to help him through all of that. What I didn't know, was how instrumental this support group was in his success. B.J.'s mom, Sarah, suffered an aneurysm, from which she has obtained long-term effects. If it was not for the Saint Louis Educators program that B.J. was involved in, he would not be where he is today.

I am struggling to break into the relationship with B.J. and his mom. He is a teenager , who doesn't want to appear different from anyone else. He acts distant and quite when Sarah's around, but I can sense the bond in each of there hearts.

Here are a couple of photos from my last trip to Saint Louis. I am slowly working into some moments. I just need to break into B.J.'s relationship with Sarah.

wish me luck.