Fussy Feathers has moved.

Tana has been busy dominating the Columbia, MO family law market (they don't call her "the junkyard dog" for nothing) and has not had as much time to keep up with the blog. Anytime not spent working, she spends with Cohen. So, fussy feathers has moved here, and this will be the first of a weekly (don't hold me to it.) post by me. Cohen's other parental figure. I hope you didn't get too comfortable to Tana's eloquent prose, because I am just lucky if I don't spell any words wrong. So, not much has changed in six months, or in other words, half of Cohen's life. Oh wait, maybe a few things have.

He can walk (kind of). He can say 5 words, his favorite of which is Ed (the cat, or the grandpa, both of which are equivalently round in stature). He can eat solid food. He can sleep through the night (not really). He can drink using a straw. He can fall off the porch. He can poop right after I have changed his diaper. He can go to sleep without being rocked (sometimes). He can bring a smile to my face at any moment. He can take all of the pots and pans out of the cabinets. He can climb up on the furniture. He can fall off of the furniture. He can dance, especially to Micheal Jackson. He can get me up for work, on time, everyday. He can cuddle like no other. He can go canoeing down flooded rivers. He can eat vegetables if he is tricked into it. Needless to say, he's pretty much a badass!

Anyway. Here is a photo I took of Cohen sleeping last night. I bet none of you reading this looked even half as cute as this.